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Membership Meeting  - May 18, 2013

Hostess –Janis Pratt at the Bear Hotel in Grants Pass. 
Meeting called to order by President, Shirley Huft, at 2:45.

Introductions by all members present.
Holly Robinson – new member

Newsletter mailings – trying to keep the mailings to a minimum due to expense and extra work. Sending out the applications is important. We will keep that in the April newsletter. Newsletter mailing in December will have the membership and a ballot. The rest of the newsletters will be sent E-news unless the member has requested a hard copy. The membership list will be sent out in April but not in the newsletter. Will need to be downloaded. Those who have requested a hard copy will continue to receive this way.

Demo update- Teri Nelson
Robin and John Gumaelius will be giving a two-hour demonstration on Friday June 7, 9:30 to 11:30 a.m.  – Ashland Art Center, a few blocks from their art installation – Hanson Howard Gallery. Flyer passed around at meeting with E-news sent to membership. This is First Friday in Ashland. Cost $10 preregistration with a limit of 25. Currently have six registered. Clayfolk members get first choice. If any openings left, will open to others. Contact Teri Nelson. Make checks payable to Clayfolk. Sign up available today. Congratulations to Teri on making this opportunity available.

Currently in touch with Kate McDowell for possible workshop this summer.
Mark Wass contacted through Penelope. High hopes.
Terri may require some assistance if a full workshop happens this year.

Grants Pass Museum tour – Gwen Childs.
Grants Pass Museum of art has had a studio tour for the past five years. Selected artists have been asked to open their studios with an emphasis on studio and working. The museum will have a tour and all artists who want to open their studios can do so collectively. Hoping to have 25 open studios on the same day this year. September 7 and 8, 2013.
The museum will make sure there is a spread in the newspaper, a banner over 6th street advertising and invitations will be put out via email. Each participant will be asked to send out emails.
This is for artists in Josephine County, Applegate and Rogue River.
If an artist is not local they can be a guest artist in a local open studio.
Pooling monies for advertising - $25 per studio and if a geust artist wants to be listed on the ticket $10.
Application on Grants Pass museum of Art website. Currently in process and will be available soon.
Applications passed out for mailing to the museum – deadline for July 15, 2013.
Tickets will be sold for $12. A large map will be made with name, media and address/phone number
In Jackson County Rogue Gallery had similar event last year with 13 artists and are trying to get this started for Jackson County.

Most board members are elected for a three-year terms. All positions are available each year even though the terms are three years. Any member who is interested may apply for a position and the membership will vote. Penelope is more than happy to have someone run for her position this year.
Any member who wishes to be president should have some board experience. Being a board member is a great way to earn points and learn the ins and outs of how the board works. Shirley encouraged all members to apply for the vice president position or any other position they may be interested in.

Show application and membership deadline May 31. Some members noted they did not get the show application. We don’t know if these were misplaced in the post office. If a member did not get a show application and wants to apply by the end of the month, Shirley had a few copies available today.

We are now under the scrutiny of the public safety department in Medford. There are more regulations now. The wiring sequence is now more complicated. The July newsletter will have a diagram regarding the new wiring required. Fireproofing information will also be in the newsletter.

Empty bowls – Amy Segovia collecting for empty bowls in Jackson County.

Other business
The president will be gone off and on for the next 2-1/2 months. Penelope will run the next board meeting and will chair the July meeting. Shirley will be available after the first week in august. The board members and Penelope will be available during the time Shirley is gone.

Shirley and Jerry Huts are selling a raku kiln with a 25-gallon propane tank, jets burners, extra cans for reduction and tongues. On wheels. Does not have pulley on top – manual lift. Two shelves. Will be posting on E-news.

Program – Janis Pratt
Peter Sedlow – sculptor. Question and answer period.



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