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Minutes of General Membership Meeting – May 16, 2010


Meeting was held at Kathy Harvey’s home in Medford , Oregon .


The meeting was called to order by Penelope Dews, President, at 2:30 p.m.


  1. New members were welcomed.  
  1. July meeting will be at Susan Casaleggio’s home in Jacksonville on July 14. Phil Fishwick will give a demonstration of how to use the new photo cube and rental information will be shared.


  1. Board positions – Vote on July 14. Current board positions open Member at Large and secretary, but members may apply for any position on the board they wish. Board and member at large are point positions.  
  1. General membership positions that are open: Splash page, Program Chair, Photographer (new position to take pictures at demonstrations and the show, and teach members how to take pictures of their work as well as use the photo cube and be responsible for renting the photo cube). These are point positions.  
  1. Membership and show applications due June 1.  
  1. Members who wish to volunteer at the show will get no points. This is encouraged for new members so they can get to know other members and experience the Clayfolk show in a more relaxed and social atmosphere.  
  1. Looking for trainees for Show chair (2 years), Print/Publication chair (writing articles), and Group Booth. These are point positions that work at the show.  
  1. A request was made for the membership to receive newsletter electronically if at all possible. Clayfolk spends approximately $500 on postage and electronic newsletter will cut that cost.  
  1. Program: Each member present shared a tip or hint that they find useful when working with clay. These were written down and Shirley Huft will type them up and have them posted on the web page ... and here they are TIPS/TOOLS/TECHNIQUES.



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