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Minutes of May 13, 2010 Board Meeting.


The meeting was held at Lynita and Rudy’s home in Central Point. The meeting was called to order by Penelope Dews, President.


Present: Penelope Dews, Rudy and Lynita Zajack, Shirley and Jerry Huft, Bonnie Morgan, Tish Manley and Ray Foster


  1. A slide show is now available on the web page. Photos were requested on the show application.  
  1. Change language of bylaws to include a co-treasurer. After review this will be uploaded to the web site.  
  1. What clay is allowed in show? Two people have approached Clay folk regarding their type of clay art: mosaic using glass and clay and Fimo. After discussion, it was decided that the Clayfolk show might not be the venue for these types of work. Will incorporate the statement, “Bring your best ceramic clay work.” Work to be predominantly ceramic clay.  
  1. No voting ballet in the newsletter. Need nominations for officers. Request for nominations at the next membership meeting. An E-mail will be sent out to remind members of the meeting and need to nominate members for the board positions.  
  1. Show percentage 15%. After discussion, at the conclusion of the show treasurer will decide if the percentage will be reduced based on how the show has done.  
  1. Tax preparer found a mistake on taxes and Clayfolk received a small refund.  
  1. Scholarship will be increased to $1800.  
  1. Friday night band for Clayfolk show. Board agreed to $150 to hire a band for Friday night.  
  1. Clayfolk is purchasing a photo cube and back drops. Rent will be $5 with a deposit of $50 refundable when returned undamaged.  
  1. Agreed to move the storage unit this year. The storage unit committee will price and locate a more accessible unit.  

Next membership meeting – May 16 at Kathy Harvey’s home.

Next board meeting – July 8 at Penelope Dews’ home.




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