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Clayfolk General meeting May 4th, 2008   2:30 pm


Held and Shirley and Jerry Huft’s home in Grants Pass,  OR


Brought to order by Lynita Zajack (president)


1.  Penelope Dews (show chairperson)  reminded us to read the show application carefully.  Changes include:  late acceptance (with additional fee) and trainee chair positions that give points.  New chairs for the mailer, signs and music are definitely needed this  year and just about all trainee positions are open.  Please consider taking on a job at the show.  Call Penelope for more info.


2. Board positions:  Your ballot in the current newsletter posted Carol Heisel’s name for vice president in error. A new ballot in the Sept./Oct. newsletter will contain nominees for “vice president” and “member at large” to fill open positions. Please send in your ballot if you can not attend the Oct. general meeting.


3.  The Brit Children’s Festival is looking for volunteers to work in the pottery booth.  If you like children and like to throw,  please consider joining them for a few hours.  Call Marie Pecheny at  941-9271 for more info.


4.  Applicants are still needed for the “programs ” and “workshop” chair  positions.  Programs chair is someone who arranges for programs at our general meetings 4 times annually.  Contact Shiley Huft for more info. Workshop chair organizes ceramic artists from around the country to come and present skills. Workshop  chair is a shared position with alternate positions replaced .  Contact Penelope Dews or Julia Janeway for more info.


5. Next Board meeting is at Penelope Dews’s home  at 6:30pm on July 14th.     Next general meeting will be July 30th at 6:30pm at Susan Casaleggio’s home.  Directions will be provided in the next newsletter.


6.  Teri Nelson (Clayfolk member) told us of a new website “” that allows you to buy and sell crafts of all kinds in a fashion similar to e-bay.  Check it out!




A potluck was enjoyed by all.


Our program was put on by the Hufts who provided space in their wonderful pit fire for all who attended.  Thanks Shirley and Jerry for letting us share in the magic of the flame.





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