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Clayfolk General Meeting   March 19th, 2008


Held at Al Dockwiller’s home , 6:30 pm.


Brought to order by Lynita Zajack (president)


1.  Openings for committee chairs.

            Web master (9 points):  Don Clarke is our current webmaster and is looking for a replacement.  Contact him for more detailed information about job description.

            Workshop Chair (one of two positions):  Contact Penelope Dews for more information.

            Program Chair : Contact Shirley Huft for more information.


            All of the above positions require you to make a 3 year commitment and to make yourself available to help the next chair transition into the job.  If you’re interested in earning some points, please send a letter of application to the Clayfolk board , PO box 274, Talent, OR  97540.


2.  Elections for officers are coming up.  All positions are open every year but Carol Heisel (vice president) is hoping someone will take her place.  Please send  your request to run for an office and perhaps a little something about yourself to CJ June (newsletter chair).


3.  SOPS update:  17 people attended  Bonnie’s recent  brainstorming meeting.  No immediate solutions came to hand, but suggestions about getting the word out were expressed.  Potential buyers from the California Bay Area and Eugene have looked and decided it was too far from their home bases, but adds are being posted in the upcoming ceramics magazines.  Bonnie plans to close her doors by summer if no interested parties are found. 


4. The  next newsletter is an important one.  It includes the show application, election ballot, jobs available and any important news about SOPS.


5.  The Empty Bowls sale will be held at SOU (next to the Schneider Museum) on April 4th during the 1st  Friday walk in Ashland.  Tickets for a raffle of special works are on sale at the sale and from Hannah Brehmer (Empty Bowls chair).


Meeting Adjourned


Followed by a wonderful presentation by Gwen Childs on “Time and Money in your pottery business  in which she demystified the process for product costs, fixed costs and  selling costs.  Along with a very detailed hand out she demonstrated how each of us can figure out where our strengths are and where cost effectiveness  plays a role.  Thanks Gwen!




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