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Membership Meeting  - March 17, 2013

Hostess – Mary Lou Schnoes. Meeting took place at her home with Pit Fire Following.

Meeting called to order by President, Shirley Huft, at 2:35

Meeting was started with a potluck.

New Members
Nancy C. Stewart
Jane Anderson

New newsletter editor – Sally Pursell.
Sally will start as a trainee for the last two newsletters of this year and will be the newsletter editor next year. The membership will be given information on how to get newsletter information/articles to Sally prior to her taking over this position.

A suggestion was presented to the Board regarding using PayPal for membership dues and show fees.
The Board discussed this request. If members do not have bank accounts or access to checks, the Board has requested cashier checks.

Changes in Empty Bowls.
In the past all the bowls went to Jackson County. Roxanne Hunnicut would then collect whatever she could for Josephine County from May to October.
We will now divide the bowls that are donated at the show between the two counties and the Empty Bowl chairs will host events during the year to promote their causes.

Library donations.
The Library committee will consist of only one person. Irene Stephens is the Library Chair. During the third year of service the Library Chair will have a trainee who will get one point and take over the chair position the following year.  Members can go to the website ( and check under resources for a list of publications donated by Clayfolk to the Josephine and Jackson County libraries.
For availability of E books, members should check with the individual library.

Show Date and show applications/membership deadline.
Show Dates – November 22, 23, 24
Show applications – can be accessed on line and will be available in the newsletter.
Members who meet the one-year membership requirement and have not paid this year’s membership fee have until the end of May 2013 to pay the membership fee to eligible for the 2013 show.
Members who have not paid membership fee by the end of January 2013 will not get the 3 points for membership.
Members who do not pay for membership by May 31 will not be eligible to be in the 2013 show.
Next meeting – Saturday, May 18, 2:30 Bear Hotel, Grants Pass.
Last meeting had Peter Sedlow, resident artist. We have one more opportunity to have Sedlow speak at our meeting at that time. Janice will speak to him about presenting a talk at the May meeting.

Other Announcements
Glaze study group meets second Tuesday of each month at Jennie Harkins home, 6:30 pm

Cheryl Weese – Program chair – requested ideas about programs. - send E-mail or call about what you would like to see at a meeting or if you have something to share.
Members presenting a program get 2 points.

July meeting – Cheryl will be sharing video of herself producing a pot. Showing how she made the video.
Suggestion – posting videos of ourselves working on Facebook.

Mary Lou shared new book about Naked Raku and Related Bare Clay Techniques and Cushings Handbook. May Lou may be going to New York this summer and will pick up a copy of Cushing’s Handbook for members who may want one. Please contact Mary Lou if you wish a book. Discussed this book as a possible library donation.

Teri Nelson – workshops are coming in the future.

Pit Fire. Mary Lou directed the Pit Firing of pots brought by the membership. May pick up pots at noon on Monday, March 18.



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