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Membership Meeting Minutes

Called to order by Shirley Huft

(1) Potluck

(2) Introduction of new show chair : Jim Keith. Has been show chair three or four times in the past. 12+ years in Clayfolk. Will do a great job. Jim asked for input about times and dates for pre-show chairs. Pre-show meetings usually on a Sunday afternoon in Grants Pass.

(3) New members – None.

(4) Treasurer’s Report – Tish Manley. Last year’s show figures and this year commpared. We did a little better this year than the year before, very good for this economy. Other shows in the state did not do as well in 2011 as they did in 2010. Every night up except for Friday.
Financial figures for last year reviewed with copies for the board and a few extras for the membership. Good amount in the bank account with monies coming out for the scholarship and library.
Workshop last year just about broke even. This year was the second highest show (2009 was the highest). Feedback from customers indicated most were Christmas shopping for one nice handmade gift rather than mass produced gifts.
Check on Library committee for 2011.

(5) Dates for general membership meetings reviewed and hosts requested. These will be posted on line. Susan Caseliggio July 22 meeting and Denise Pratt May 23 meeting. Other meetings have hosts already. Check on line for meeting dates. Meetings will be listed in the newsletter with a map for the location.

(6) Discussed changes in membership year. This year the membership year is from January 1 to December 31. The membership packet will be sent out in the October newsletter with a deadline of January 2013. If the membership fee is received before January 31, the member will get 3 points. If membership fee comes in after January 31, 2012, the 3 points will be lost. One change in membership – the fee for insufficient funds for checks wriitten for membership will be $7, per Sterling Bank. Changes in insufficient check fees will be revisited by the board due to change in fee.

(7) Change in show application –“ If member wants to downsize booth for the show the show chair must be contacted two weeks before the booth pick meeting. Jim Keith, as show chair, understands that emergencies can occur and changes will be made at the discretion of the show chair. Contact Jim, not the president.

(8) Show application will be in the April newsletter and separate from the membership application (which will be in the October newsletter). Membership dues will be sent to the Clayfolk mailbox. Show application and fees will be sent to the show chair. This gives the membership chair an opportunity to contact members to check on membership renewals and will help the show chair in knowing who is a current member.

(9) Updated Membership directory passed out to the members at the meeting to check for correct information. Corrections were made on the form and Shirley will send to Don Clarke for updates.

(10) Pit Fire in May hosted by Mary Lou Schnoes. Information about pit firing pottery and directions to Mary Lou’s house will be in the February newsletter. Some directions handed out at the show.

(11) Members were reminded to sign the sign sheet to get point for attending show.

(12) Clay Times magazine donated several issues to group. Attendees were encouraged to take one.

(13) Board members were introduced. Board terms usually run until the end of May. Because of bylaws and change in membership the membership must vote on board to maintain positions. The vote was unanimous to keep the board in place. If a quorum was not at the meeting, voting will be requested through the next newsletter.

(14) Gift Exchange – Shirley handed out the numbers. Membbers picked numbers and chose gifts from those brought by meeting attendees.

Meeting adjourned at 3:30.



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