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Membership Meeting  - January 20, 2013

Hostess – Mary Lou Schnoes meeting in Fire House in Talent.
Meeting called to order by President, Shirley Huft, at 2:45.

Introductions by all members.
Molly Robinson – new member
Reminder to sign the sign-in sheet to get a point for attending the meeting.

Potluck enjoyed by all.

Ray gave an overview of the group's financials for the show and for the year. The group is a nonprofit but we are not tax exempt. Discussion regarding tax exempt status, which would require an attorney and fees, and may require reorganization of the way we do things.

The 2013 Clayfolk show will be in the same time slot – the weekend before Thanksgiving. Contract signed with the Armory.
Jim Keith – show chair
Three open positions for chairs.
New position – needs to be local to southern Oregon – communications position that will liaison between the show chair and the webmaster. A new job description will be developed.
Sales chair – be able to order supplies for the sales area, train shift captains, set up and tear down the sales area.
Group booth chair – may be filled.
May be more as we get closer to the show.

Nando – fireproofing and electrical situation for booths. Schematic will be sent out to the participants of the show so that artists can meet the requirements of the fire inspector. We have will have an inspector check out the show each year.
Information will be sent out in July.
The inspector did not check fireproofing at the 2012 show.
The inspector is not interested in shutting the show down. Interested in egress and access to the show. They are letting us know about policies/requirements that are going to be required in the future.
The fire department did not recognize the boric acid solution that the group has been recommending for fireproofing materials. They recommended a commercial fireproofing product.
A suggestion was made that Clayfolk purchase the product which comes with a certification. Discussion followed. Fireproofing product can be purchased at Foley’s at Grants Pass. They do not stock this product, but can order it.  Phil will let the newsletter person know about cost of this item.
Participants can purchase nonflammable drapes.
Newsletter editor position open. Will be sent to the membership via E-news and handouts available today. Request interested parties write a paragraph outlining their qualifications and submit to the board for review – why you want the position and what type of special skills you bring to this position. The board will review at the February board meeting.

E-news – primary deliver system for newsletter. Still have approximately 25 people who prefer a hard copy of the newsletter. We are moving towards E-news as much as possible. This year all members will get one newsletter with the application information and show information. Note on the membership application the method you wish to receive the newsletter. For members who have no access to a computer it was recommended that they check on a computer in the library, etc., for information that they may have missed.

Clayfolk calendar passed out.
Some changes – moved away from Wednesday night meetings. We now have the opportunity to have meetings at venues that are only open on Saturday. We are moving a couple of the meetings to Saturday. One will be at the Bear Hotel. Will use this venue for booth selection as well. Cannot have potlucks at the Bear Hotel. Can have food but it must be purchased.
Meeting room at the Medford Library, can bring food and available on Saturday.
Members who do Saturday Market may not be able to attend meetings.
Will try some of the Saturday meetings this year.

Membership directory will be out in the April newsletter. Membership can be submitted by the end of May to qualify for show participation but will not be eligible for membership points. Will leave members names on list even if they have not paid. This will be discussed with the membership chair. Prefer members stay on the list so that Jim has access to members he may need to contact.

Board positions –  service is for 3 year. All members can apply for any board position at any time. Bylaws state board positions must be reelected at the end of each year. Moved, voted and passed on current board. Toni is now officially on the board as a member at large.
Serving on the board is a great way to earn points and become involved.

March meeting at Mary Lou Schnoes' house on March 17. Due to limited parking carpooling was encouraged. Instructions in the last newsletter on how to prepare pottery for pit firing. Maps available.

Those present who had brought a small pottery gift exchanged gifts under the direction of vice president, Penelope Dews.



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