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Clayfolk General meeting January 20th, 2008

Held at the Talent Fire station @ 2:30 pm. Arranged by Carol Heisel.

2:30 a delicious potluck greeted the attendees

Meeting brought to order @ 3:00 by Lynita Zajack.

1. A calendar of Clayfolk events, meetings and show dates was distributed.

2. General meeting hosts were selected.

  • March 19th 6:30pm - Al Dockwiller
  • May 18th 2:30pm - Shirley Huft
  • July 30th 6:30pm - Susan Casaleggio
  • Oct. 19th 2:30pm - Talent Fire Station (Carol Heisel)

3. Announcement of chair and officer positions that are open.

Board appointed positions :

  • Webmaster - Talk to Carole Paquin for more information
  • Workshop chairperson - this is a shared position , only one would be replaced
    • (Carol Heisel will provide job description upon request)
  • Programs chair - again see Carol Heisel for job description.

Elected positions :

All officer positions are open annually but Carol Heisel (vice president) would like to resign. Ballots go out with the April 1st newsletter. Contact Lynita if you would like to be on the ballot.

4. Announcements :

Carole Paquin encourages you to submit more photos to the website . Call or e-mail her for more info.

Glaze study group will be Jan. 22 at Jenny Harkins studio (maps provided ). Contact Jenny for more information or contact Shirley Huft to get put on the glaze study e-mail list.

Rogue Gallery has classes available. See the Clayfolk website for more info.

Empty Bowls will be taking donations until March 17th. Contact Hanna Brehmer for more info.

Workshop update : Tea Thanhbinh Duong will give a workshop in May . Watch your mailbox and the newsletter for more info.

Cheryl Kempner reminds members to send letters of request to the board to update points if you were someone who lost points due to a lapsed membership.

The Humane Society of Southern Oregon is having a silent action of dog houses made by local artists or other art works. Contact the Humane Society or Cheryl Kempner for more info.

Ashland Art Works and Thrown Stone need to fill workspace and have gallery space available. Contact Cheryl Kempner.

Ray Foster gave our annual show totals announcing our best show ever. Very few accounting errors and a record total. Tish Manley shared the job this year and made this huge job easier.

Ken Standhardt, Clayfolk member and participant in the 2007 show, was on the cover of Clay Times this month. Congratulations Ken.

Phil Fishwick, our local kiln guru, gave a very informative presentation on kiln repair and maintenance. Thanks Phil.

The meeting was closed with our annual Christmas-in-January gift exchange. Thanks everyone for a great afternoon.



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