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Clayfolk General Meeting Jan. 18th 2009


Held at Talent Fire Station.  Hosted by Carol Heisel.


Brought to order by Lynita Zajack (pres.)  @ 2:00 pm


1.  Ray Foster (treasurer)  gave an update of show proceeds.

            The Clayfolk Show was down 4.99% but since the previous year  had a large increase this number  represents  a very modest decrease considering the current economic times.  This does indicate that we need to be conservative  with our finances as we head into next year’s show.

            New address for Clayfolk business.

                        P.O. Box  1334

                        Jacksonville,  OR  97530


2.Chair openings  include Program chair,  Splash page chair,  and  Workshop co-chair.  If you would like more information about these positions contact Lynita or if you would like to take on one of these jobs, please submit a letter of application to the board.  Positions start in June


3.  Penelope Dews was nominated for President for the coming year.  If you would like to be a member of the board, now is your chance.  Contact any board member for more info,  or attend the next board meeting to see how it’s done.    Watch in the upcoming newsletter.


4.Locations for upcoming general meetings decided:

            March - Cheryl Kempner  (Ashland)

            May - Shirley Huft (Grants Pass)

            July - Kathy Harvey (Medford)

            October - Roxanne Hunnicut (Grants Pass)


            March board meeting - Ray Foster (Jacksonville)

            May                            Jenny Harkins (Gold Hill)


5.  Julia Janeway  announced the next workshop ( a great artist who will demonstrate sprig mold making). Details will be in the next newsletter.


6.Carole Paquin reminds us to use the website.  A list of the books that Clayfolk has donated to the Jackson County Library,  clay classes available, info about Empty Bowls as well as space  available for your events.


7.Hannah Brehmer would like to remind us that ceramic pieces are still being accepted for Empty Bowls.  She will pick them up or you can leave them with Carole Paquin, no later than March 23rd, please.


8.  Peppi Melick announces a wood firing in Yoncalla  March 26th - 28th . Contact her for more info.


9.Our program guest speaker was Gerald Hill, a occupational therapist specializing in hands.  He gave us wonderful tips on preventing everything  from carpal tunnel syndrome  to back and shoulder injuries while we work in our studios.  Thank you  Gerald!


10.  At our annual “Holiday Party” meeting we once again had scrumptious food and a  gift exchange to end all gift exchanges.  Thanks everyone for participating.





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