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Minutes of General Membership Meeting – January 17, 2010


Meeting was hosted by Annette Trujillo at the Firehouse in Talent, Oregon .


The meeting was called to order by Penelope Dews, President, at 2:30


  1. New members introduced themselves.


  1. Dates for general meetings were chosen:
    1. March 20 – Shirley and Jerry Huft’s home in Grants Pass – Pot luck and Pit Fire – 2:30 .
    2. May 16th – Kathy Harvey’s home in Medford 2:30 .
    3. July 14 – Susan Casaleggio’s home – 6:30 p.m.
    4. October 17 – Booth pick.
    5. January 23, 2011 2:30 – Post-show/Christmas meeting.


  1. Positions open : Workshop chair, program chair, splash page chair and empty bowls chair. Phil Fishwick volunteered for workshop chair. Interested members are encouraged to check with the current chair regarding duties and time frames.


  1. Proposed change in the bylaws to have two treasurers was presented to the membership and voted on (44 yes votes).


  1. Ray Foster presented the figures from this year’s show. See attached.


  1. Regarding the 2010 show, changes will be made to the application indicating
    1. The gallery is out for the present time and the door prize is in. A new committee will be formed for the door prize (a chair and one member) Points for this committee will be discussed by the board.
    2. Two weeks before the show, no booth changes may be made. People may still drop from the show but no one will be allowed to make a change in their booth.
    3. For fairness at the booth pick, booths will still be picked by points but if the member is not present and has not designated another member to pick their booth they will be passed over in favor of those members who are present or have a designated member picking their booth. After those present has chosen, the remaining booths will be assigned according to the members points.
    4. Clayfolk has two Easy-Ups in storage. These will be made available to the membership for rent on a first-come-first-served basis for a $50 deposit and a rental fee of $25.


  1. Scholarship update – Bonnie Morgan

The raffle at the show was suggested by committee member Larry Sullivan. Two baskets were created and the scholarship raised $695. The current scholarship that is given out is $1000 and the committee wanted to beef this up. Ideas for the scholarship raffle next year

a.      Sell tickets early to raise most of the money before the show.

b.      Add information to the program.

c.      Put a jar in each member’s booth for donations to increase visibility of this service.

If members have ideas, they are encouraged to contact Bonnie.


  1. Program – Nancy Ingram shared slides of her tiles.


  1. Members are encouraged to give programs to the membership at general meetings. Contact Shirley Hurt.


  1. Library Committee submitted list of books purchased for the local libraries.



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