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Clayfolk Library Acquisitions

A portion of the sales from our annual ceramics show allows Clayfolk to provide a resource for our members and the public by purchasing books and videos for the Jackson and Josephine county library system of Southern Oregon .

Purchases for 2013
  Jackson County
  500 Prints on Clay,  Lark Crafts
  Garden Mosaics, by Helen Baird
  Modern British Potters & Their Studios, by David Whiting
  Handmade Pottery @ Home by Frida Broberg
  Simon Leach's Pottery Handbook
  Hybrid Pottery by Marty Fielding (DVD)
  Understanding  Porcelain - Throwing & Decorating by Tom Turner (DVD)
  Creative Forming with Custom Texture with Amy Sanders (DVD)
  Glazing & Decorating Pottery with Nan Rothwell (DVD)
  Slab & coil Building by Gail Kendall (DVD)
  Josephine County
  Naked Raku and Related Bare Clay Techniques by Eduardo Lazo
  Lucie Rie Modernist Potter, by Emmanuel Cooper
  Fanciful Images Japancese Banko Ceramics by Barry Till
  The Spirit of Ceramic Design: Cultivating Creativity with Clay by Robert Piepenburg
  Getting Creative with Spouts & Handles, Compilation (DVD)
  Layers of Color with Andrew Gilliatt (DVD)
  Throwing, Altering & Glazing with Sarah Jaeger (DVD)
  Majolica Decoration with Linda Arbuckle (DVD)
  Creative tile Making with Angelica Pozo (DVD)
Purchases for 2011 and 2012
  Jackson County
  From a Slab of Clay by Daryl E. Baird
  Ceramic Bead Jewelry byii Jennifer Heynen
  Surface Design for Ceramics by Maureen Mills
  The Craft and Art of Clay by Susan Peterson & Jon Peterson
  The Surface Techniques of Steven Hill (DVD)
  Bill van Gilder's Pottery Techniques (DVD)
  Layered Surfaces with Erin Furimsky (DVD)
  Josephine County
  Naked Raku and Related Bare Clay Techniques by Eduardo Lazo
  The Many Faces of Mata Ortiz
  Handbuilding with Mitch Lyons (DVD)
  Get a Handle On It by Tony Clennell (DVD)
Purchases for 2010
  Jackson County

Ceramic in the Environment, Janet Mansfield


Techniques Using Slips, John Mathieson


The Basics of Throwing, David Cohen

  Josephine County

Wall Pieces, Dominique Bivar Segurado


Slab Techniques, Ian Marsh and Jim Robison


On the River through the Valley of Fire , The Collaborative Ceramics of Frank Boyden and Tom Coleman, Daniel Lamberton

Purchases for 2009
  Jackson County
  Ceramic Design Course : Principles, Practice, and Techniques by Anthony Quinn
  Functional Forms and Aesthetic in Pots of Purpose by Robin Hopper
  Josephine County
  The Extruder Book by Daryl E. Baird
  Electric Firing : Creative Techniques by Anderson Turner

Thanks to Southern Oregon Clay Distributors for obtaining some of these items at a discount

Purchases for 2008
  Artful Teapot by Garth Clark
  Electric Kiln Ceramics, 3rd Edition by Richard Zakin
  The Figure in Clay by Suzanne J. E. Tourtill
  The Essential Guide to Mold Making & Slip Casting by Andrew Martin
  Japanese Wood-Fired Ceramics by M. Kusakabe and M. Lancet
  From Mud to Music by Barry Hall
  Raku, Pit and Barrel: Firing Techniques by Andrew Tumer
Purchases before 2008
  The Extruder Book
  Advanced Raku Techniques
  Handbuilt Pottery Techniques Revealed by Jacqui Atkins
  Making Marks: Discovering the Ceramic Surface
  Paper Clay
  The Ceramic Surface
  Exploring Electric Kiln Techniques
  Ceramics for Gardens and Landscapes
  Ceramics – Ways of Creation
  Art Deco & Modernist Ceramics
  500 Bowls
  Hand building
  Ceramic Wind Chimes
  A Book of Pots
  Kids N Clay Ceramics
  Contemporary Porcelain
  Children Clay and Sculpture
  Ceramics for Kids
  Women Potters
  Sex Pots
  Lettering on Ceramics
  Coiled Pots
  Simple Printmaking
  The Tile
  Body of Clay, Soul of Fire
  Tin-Glazed Earthenware
  Pottery Decoration
  Great Pots
  The Ceramic Surface
  The Penland Book of Ceramics
  Practical Solutions for Potters
  Ceramics Class – Decorating Techniques
  Ceramic Form
  Roberta Griffith, a Retrospective
  Alev Ebozziya Siesbye
  Jun Kaneko
  Brothers in Clay
  Turners and Burners, Folk Potters of N. Carolina
  The Glaze Book
  500 Bowls
  500 Teapots
  Single Shard

Art and Fear

  Women and Ceramics

Revealing Glazes : Using the Grid Method

  Wood Fired Stoneware and Porcelain
  The Best of the New Ceramic Art
  Wood Fired Ceramics Contemporary Practices
  The Kiln Book : Materials, Specifications, Construction
  Raku Investigations Into Fire
  Ten Thousand Years of Pottery
  Wheel Thrown Ceramics
  Color and Fire Defining Moments in Studio Ceramics 1950-2000
  Contemporary Ceramics
  The Potter’s Wheel
  Lustre for China Painters and Potters
  Surface Decoration for Low Fire Ceramics
  Art of Clay Timeless Pottery of the Southwest
  Children, Clay and Sculpture
  Making Ceramic Sculpture
  The Handmade Tile Book
  Chinese Glazes
  Tiles: Choosing, Designing and Living w/Ceramic Tile
  The New Maiolica
  Handbuilt Tableware
  The Art of Handbuilt Ceramics
  The Art of Making Teapots
  Inlaid Colored Clay
  The Legacy of Generations – Pottery by American Indian Women
  Maria Indian Pottery Maker of San Ildefonso
  Clay Whistles
  Pottery Decoration : Traditional Techniques by Tom Shafer
  Introduction to Hand Building by Stephen Jepson
  Handbuilding with Mitch Lyons (DVD)
  Introduction to Throwing (DVD) by Stephen Jepson
  Potters Guide to Ceramic Surfaces
  Salt-Glazed Ceramics
  Techniques of Kiln-Formed Glass
  Human Form in Clay
  Mastering Cone 6 Glazes
  Contemporary Potter
  Soft-Slab Techniques
  Mask Making with Clay
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