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Ellice T. Johnston Scholarship

sponsored by Clayfolk

Purpose : To further the education of the student of ceramic art through :

  • Upper division college or art school courses.
  • Workshops through accredited institutions.
  • Study abroad through accredited institutions.

Eligibility requirements :

  • Two years of college or equivalent level of art education - this may include sculpture, drawing, design, etc. and the study of aesthetics or technical ceramics.
  • The applicant must be a resident or student in Oregon or Northern California.
  • Financial need is a consideration but will not restrict the selection of the applicant.
  • Clayfolk members as sponsors of this scholarship are not eligible to apply.

The Award :

  • $2000 will be awarded at each presentation.
  • The Clayfolk Scholarship Committee will select the recipient, administer the award and dispense the funds. The funds will be awarded directly to the recipient.
  • The award is renewable and can be awarded to the same recipient more than once.

The application for the scholarship will be considered only after these supporting documents are received:

  • A portfolio of work - 8 to 12 printed images 5" x 7" (high resolution 300dpi) and a CD of images. Image information : title, media, size, date, etc. should also be included.
  • A brief statement about your work and how you plan to use the award.
  • Two letters of recommendation from persons in the academic or work field.
  • A recent academic transcript.
  • College Scholarship Service Financial Aid Form (FAF) or a 1040 Tax form from the previous year.
  • A self-addressed envelope of appropriate size to return portfolio and with sufficient postage.

Application Date :

  • A $2000 scholarship may be awarded annually.
  • The deadline for the application and all supporting material is Postmarked by April 30th for the June 30th award.

An application can be downloaded in Adobe (pdf) format by selecting the appropriate following link Info Packet or Application. If this format does not work for you or you have further questions please contact the ETJ Scholarship Chair


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