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My Middle name is Savannah, I am strong, I feel like a bird and a Flower, and I know I have a lot of power! In childhood I dug into creative projects as a past time. I started needle work and a passion for miniatures. Making something out of what others may think of as nothing became a theme early on; using mediums like my moms scrap fabric and cardboard. I made things like pillows, zipper wallets, dollhouses and all kinds of miniatures. In my early teens I started playing with cameras, making short stop films and developing my own black and white prints. Making self portraits, and photographing artworks have left chapter marks in my life. I started playing with clay, making my own clothes, and even won "The Artist of the Year" award in eighth grade! :)
The years tell stories of my ongoing passion with clay. In high school I had a few after school jobs, one in a small historic town at an old time soda fountain, and another at a small jewelers shop. It sparked my interest in silver, stones, and people. I enjoyed making families smile and familiarizing myself to the world of gem stones, adding yet another earthen borne affinity. My art teacher recommended me for a postition with the Historical Society right out of High School and I was hired on the spot. I began a research project about the Pioneer Potters here in our local valley and assembled public displays both informative and interactive. I began to demonstrate how the pioneer potters made their wares through dictating history learned, while demonstrating methods on a kick wheel, building 10-20 gallon crocks and jugs, sometimes in two piece assemblies. I worked that job for a few years and then moved onto an apprenticeship with a local potter who did all kinds of production. It was a good experience and a lot of what I saw and learned I am still inspired from today in one way or another. I went on to do some partnerships with others such as local growers, and makeup artists making accessories for their lines. Making product lines of my own started around this time, and the ceramic dreams began being nonstop, I was becoming a true "clayhead". I found that working for myself enabled me to weave all of my passions into the process making items that are enjoyable and that serve an important purpose. The intention that I put into my work I also I put into my life, including my family, myself, and my art. This is a constant theme: making use of what we have and supplying what we need. I have been known to hike clay and tools on my back while on "vacation" to make pieces that I would pack out of the woods and later safely bring home to be fired. There is a spiritual sanctity in the action of producing from the heart, and from the need to make a difference with what we do. The goal is to share a well thought out product that I take pleasure and apply skill in making. Producing sturdy, aesthetic, useful, and unique items is satisfying to me. During a chapter of my life when Candle flame was my light source,The name Savannah Fyre was born. My title as a Pyro-tech (fire-dancer), started as Savannah Fyre, at the same time simultaneously I started signing my artwork with that name as well. It Stuck like quick dry super glue. I have built a few art studios of my own, and been a collector of equipment for a coons age, and ongoing for the last decades I find myself still playing in the the lush playground of the local community pottery studio. There I find so many friends, so many wonderful, inspiring, and fresh techniques at my fingertips. I just love it!! I give thanks everyday for that studio, and all that therapeutic nurturing that it provides in my life. My daughter started doing ceramics with me about five years ago, learning different techniques that she enjoys and then running with them. The studio has watched her grow up for the past decade now and seen her budding and expanding interests in the arts grow along with her. We sit with our tv trays on our couch everynight, keeping our hands busy with one project or another. She works on ideas that spring to her awesome mind, while I formulate great product lines, begin prototypes, produce, and sculpt! My sculptures are less stragetic and more deeply focused on providing a spiritual meal. They are always made at home from start to finish in my comfort zone. My thrown work gets made at the community studio. About half that work gets brought home with me wet to get sculpted, and embellished. Returning back to the studio with an extra breath of life blown into them, I stack the green wares for ready fire! I give thanks for that, so much thanks. Art serves a gracious and important purpose in my life. Its truly my pleasure to share it with you as much as possible, and to know that I have touched your life in some way. Peace Love Unity Bless


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