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Marlene King

Learning how to throw a bowl on the pottery wheel had been on my bucket list for about 40 years. Two and a half years ago I decided to tick the “done” box and was referred to Jenny Harkins; I have made my way to her amazing studio weekly and I am in awe of the learning curve and am clearly addicted to her brilliant tutelage. I have set up my own studio and created a line of handbuilt runes for earrings and other accessories and lidded jars I call, “Runeware.”

I allowed the ceramics bug to bite only after I retired as a mental health professional and corporate executive of my own company. However, I continue as a writer and dreamologist. Some of my writing credits include “Dream Times,” a regular column for 17 years in Dream Network Journal, and a column contributor to The Writer Magazine. My stories appear in Simon and Schuster’s national bestsellers Chocolate for a Woman’s Soul series of books. Articles and award-winning stories are published in The Writer Magazine, Intuition Magazine and 101 Best Stories in Chicken Soup for the Soul. You’ll also find me listed in Elizabeth Lyon’s National Directory of Editors and Writers for Hire.

My art credentials comprise logo design, brochures and promotional print media. My oil paintings were exhibited at Northwoods Gallery, Illuminarium Gallery and featured on the covers of Abundant Living Magazine and I am looking forward to adding fine ceramics to this list.

I live in the remote forested foothills of Southern Oregon with my husband, cockatoo, Bengal cats and a profusion of wildlife.


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