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Roxanne Hunnicutt
Laughing Waters Pottery


Although making utilitarian pottery has been my consuming interest for fifty years, like many artists, I have worked in related fields to support my passion. For years I taught art and other subjects in public schools. After receiving a B.A and lifetime teaching credential from California State University in Sacramento, I have taught, lived and made pottery in California, Colorado, and Oregon. My major was art, with a large part of that study in art history. I added a Master’s degree in Education from Southern Oregon University in Ashland recently.

Laughing Waters Pottery in Grants Pass is my studio in a small room and garage. Pottery equipment, a pottery wheel, kilns, slab table, extruder, pug mill and lots of clay has taken over the room, the garage and spread to the yard. It is quite a sight, much more interesting that the Betters Homes and Gardens version of a beautiful yard. At least to a potter it is heavenly.

Ross, my husband, now makes his own pieces and smoke fires, which is a primitive firing method that creates decorative non-function ware. Mostly these are large platters. Also some of our new work is sculptural, both figurative and non representational. I love to find new areas of pottery and try them. Welding classes allowed for added metal in some of my sculptures.

In 1977 I made and sold quite a few $10 cups, financing a month’s trip into eight countries in Europe with high school students. There and in Washington DC I saw work that has continued to influence my designs. I continue to visit museums and collections whenever I can.

Outside my pottery business, I still tutor, working for local public school districts. I now enjoy working with students who do not prospering in the regular classrooms or have been excluded from regular classrooms. One-on-one, these students are just wonderful people who I genuinely love to teach and know.

I also attend regular meetings of pottery groups and attend workshops. I keep learning and practicing. Hope that and my love shows in my pottery.




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