ClayFolk2015 121 cr
The 2015 show started with new security concerns and no one was quite sure what to expect
ClayFolk2015 120 cr
We were prepared for the worst ... and not sure how it would effect us
ClayFolk2015 144 cr
When in fact all that really happened was we got to wear these cool vests and stand around looking official
ClayFolk2015 051 cr
The sales area looked amazingly organized
ClayFolk2015 155 cr
Our baskets ready
ClayFolk2015 052 cr
And our stations were well stocked
ClayFolk2015 151 cr
We had adding machines to total the sales
(we were asked not to count on our fingers)
ClayFolk2015 156 cr
And these neat new hearts-on-a-stick flags that we got to wave a lot
ClayFolk2015 138 cr
We were well stocked with paper ... and all had lots of experience packing pots
ClayFolk2015 057 cr
After all was ready to go, we were fed a sumptuous meal
ClayFolk2015 059 cr
And got to listen to Shirley's words-of-wisdom
Clayfolk 2015 my booth! cr
We were ready ... our booths were stocked and our lights twinkling
ClayFolk2015 176 cr
All we needed now were customers
ClayFolk2015 101 cr
We even put out the welcome sign
We made last minute adjustments and opened the doors
ClayFolk2015 149 cr
And the customers poured in
ClayFolk2015 141 cr
It wasn't long before our pottery had become prized posessions
ClayFolk2015 150 cr
The process worked smoothly - thanks to years of practice
ClayFolk2015 160 cr
There were the inevidable "wrapper nightmares"
Within 30 minutes the auditorium aisles were crowded
ClayFolk2015 161 cr
And the pace at the sales area quickened
ClayFolk2015 286 cr
Some were awestruck by the pace of things
ClayFolk2015 287 cr
But always showed the customers a smile
ClayFolk2015 289 cr
Some wondered if there was a relief crew in the wings
ClayFolk2015 291 cr
Others were simply shocked
ClayFolk2015 297 cr
Some were driven to tears (of joy no doubt)
ClayFolk2015 142 cr
Even the cool-calm-and-collected
ClayFolk2015 143 cr
Were worn down by the pace of Friday night sales
ClayFolk2015 158 cr
Even the hard-to-shake younger generation
ClayFolk2015 159 cr
Got just a little wiggy by the end of the first shift
ClayFolk2015 222 cr
But thankfully Nina kept a smile on her face the entire time
ClayFolk2015 006 cr
We knew we were well stocked for the hoildays
ClayFolk2015 007 cr
Snow(people) waited to be taken to new homes
ClayFolk2015 016 cr
Snowflakes waited for a tree to hang in
ClayFolk2015 010 cr
Fall leaves graced platters
ClayFolk2015 005 cr
And platters waited patiently to be purchased
ClayFolk2015 029 cr
The variety was amazing
ClayFolk2015 019 cr
Some pots waited quietly
ClayFolk2015 027 cr
And others made you stop in your tracks
ClayFolk2015 009 cr
If our customers were thinking of anything for the dinning table, we had them covered
ClayFolk2015 078 cr
Square plates and round plates
ClayFolk2015 097 cr
And even rectangles
ClayFolk2015 013 cr
Juicers and coffee mugs
ClayFolk2015 077 cr
And bowls galore
ClayFolk2015 003 cr
Bowls with splatters inside
ClayFolk2015 012 cr
And some even came with recipes
ClayFolk2015 115 cr
Bowls for your pets
ClayFolk2015 096 cr
And even mixed-media bowls
ClayFolk2015 079 cr
Goblets for toasting
ClayFolk2015 020 cr
And we had coffee cups
ClayFolk2015 035 cr
All sorts of coffee cups
ClayFolk2015 036 cr
Customers probably had a hard time deciding
ClayFolk2015 050 cr
There were so many types of coffee cups
ClayFolk2015 104 cr
We could have made a fortune selling coffee
ClayFolk2015 046 cr
To go in all the coffee cups
ClayFolk2015 043 cr
And some had no handles
(but they would still work as coffee cups)
ClayFolk2015 217 cr
We had honey pots to sweeten your day
ClayFolk2015 044 cr
And for the less utilitarian ... we had rocks
ClayFolk2015 042 cr
Quite a selection of rocks
ClayFolk2015 214 cr
And to light up our lives we had lamps
ClayFolk2015 100 cr
There were words of wisdom
ClayFolk2015 102 cr
And reminders for everyone
ClayFolk2015 213 cr
There was a stable of animals
ClayFolk2015 039 cr
Some were examples of local species
ClayFolk2015 109 cr
And some not so much
ClayFolk2015 041 cr
There were forest creatures
ClayFolk2015 045 cr
And owls looking to see hoooo would take them home
ClayFolk2015 225 cr
A quack here-and-there
ClayFolk2015 083 cr
And a host of feathered friends
ClayFolk2015 049 cr
Animals even adorned cups
ClayFolk2015 030 cr
And stylized owls waited to see hoooo was going to buy them
ClayFolk2015 108 cr
Some animals were simply flights-of-fancy
ClayFolk2015 054 cr
Others made us stop and smile
ClayFolk2015 085 cr
And for the gardner ... pots of worms
ClayFolk2015 088 cr
Really personable worms
ClayFolk2015 024 cr
All watched over by guardians-of-the-show
ClayFolk2015 025 cr
Some animals were from far off places in the imagination
ClayFolk2015 106 cr
Plus there were characters worthy of comic strips
ClayFolk2015 113 cr
And a dog that reminded us what life is all about
ClayFolk2015 047 cr
And there were little people
ClayFolk2015 228 cr
People pins populated a particular person's booth
ClayFolk2015 259 cr
And then there were people with very colorful attire
(do you know who this is)
ClayFolk2015 224 cr
And the challenge picture ... who was wearing these sneakers
ClayFolk2015 190 cr
We provided demos and tried not to make it look too easy
ClayFolk2015 193 cr
Some demos even came with pontifications about life
ClayFolk2015 252 cr
We rightfully admired our work
ClayFolk2015 253 cr
And regaled the audience with stories
ClayFolk2015 254 cr
But our hands told the real story
ClayFolk2015 280 cr
We got close-up in our demos and showed our love of pottery
ClayFolk2015 231 cr
We made tall pieces
ClayFolk2015 235
And cut them to show the technique ... always drawing a gasp from the audience
ClayFolk2015 237 cr
And we threw some bowls
ClayFolk2015 275 cr
Some of us worked together on demos
ClayFolk2015 306 cr
And sometimes it was simply one artist's hand
ClayFolk2015 304 cr
In the end all the demos were great testaments to our love of pottery
ClayFolk2015 242 cr
The Kids Clay area produced some marvelous sculptures
ClayFolk2015 195 cr
And a few fish to rival Nina's
ClayFolk2015 198 cr
Sometimes the kids just made spaghetti
ClayFolk2015 199 cr
And there were even some nice pinch-pots
ClayFolk2015 244 cr
A few snowmen and a elf or two
ClayFolk2015 201 cr
But nothing came close to Tea's demo pieces
ClayFolk2015 257 cr
We knew things were going smoothly because Shirley was smiling
ClayFolk2015 283 cr
We knew things were going really well when the Treasurers were smiling
ClayFolk2015 298 cr
And we knew things were going exceptionally well when we saw empty shelves
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