The first Clayfolk show I participated in was probably in 1978.   As i remember a lot of  the potters were folk I  had done shows with in Oregon or Northern California, so It was a congenial atmosphere , just like setting up in another city for another show.

It was one of the first collective shows around so having to work together to put  the show on was  a bit unique, but as always everyone put their shoulder to the wheel and we pulled it off.

The most vivid memory was the venue, if you can call it that; due to the scant budget we were setting up in one of the old county fair buildings that was located off Stuart on south pacific highway 99 in Medford, around where  the Veterans park is now.  Some of us had to set up in what was a livestock area, straw on the floor, stalls and all, guess that defined your space, but it was  very cold and FUNKY!   But what the heck, it those days we were use to setting up in a gutter somewhere at a street show and took it all  in stride.

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Details about the 40th Annual Clayfolk Show & Sale.

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