Dan Minard, 2007

I began participating in Clayfolk shows in 1993 when I lived in Ashland. Those 22 years since have seen some changes, including a move north to Eugene. I remember my first show was in a vacant store near Sears at the Medford Center. Ray Foster, Phil Fishwick, a few others and I spot painted the walls the day before set up day.

The next year we moved out to the Jackson County Fairgrounds.  I remember many things from those earlier days. We all worked hard for the show as we still do. I was Chair of the Sales area for several years on, then off, then on again. Everyone worked well together. Clayfolk always had a strong community and strong community support too. In a way our success has grown out of that.

I’m happy to be participating again this year in Booth #56. 

Dan Minard


Details about the 40th Annual Clayfolk Show & Sale.

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