2018 Meeting Schedule

Month Meeting type Meeting location Host Time
January 11 Board McKinney Michael McKinney 6:00-7:30
January 20 General Grants Pass HS room 300 Michael McKinney 2:30-4:00
March 15 Board Bill and Debbie Thompson’s Bill and Debbie Thompson 6:00-7:30
March 18 General Bill and Debbie Thompson’s Bill and Debbie Thompson 2:30-4:00ish
June 7 Board Michael McKinney Michael McKinney 6:00-7:30
June 9 General Bear Hotel Grants Pass Sally Pursell 2:30-4:00
August 9 Board Carol Heisel’s Carol Heisel 6:00-7:30
August 18 General Jacksonville Susan Casaleggio 2:30-4:00
October 11 Board Pig Pen Pottery Shirley Huft 6:00-7:30
October 21 General/Booth pick GP Museum of Art Gwen Childs 2:30-4:00
November 16-18 Show and sale Medford Armory Clayfolk




Location of the September (Booth Pick) General Meeting (2018)

Grants Pass Museum of Art, 229 SW G Street, Grants Pass