Clayfolk is continually growing and evolving. Presently our membership roaster includes over 135 potters from throughout Oregon and northern California. Camaraderie and the love of clay are the spirit behind Clayfolk. We welcome new members who want to share ideas and experiences about ceramics.  We encourage those interested in joining to attend one of our member meetings where you can ask questions and get to know other potters.

Other member benefits include:

  • 5 meetings a year
  • 5 newsletters a year
  • Discounts to Clayfolk workshops
  • Participation in the Glaze Study Group
  • Positions available to help run the organization
  • Clayfolk Show & Sale

MEMBERSHIP DUES:  $16 per year.

The membership year runs from January to December and is not pro-rated, meaning you are welcome to join at any time for the same membership fee.

Membership dues help facilitate:

Want more info?  

Many find reading our New Member Packet helpful. It includes all the information needed to help you begin your participation in Clayfolk.


Join Clayfolk >>> Click here for details, application/renewal form, and more.