Clayfolk General Meeting Agenda

January 28, 2017
Medford Library

  • Potluck/Gift Exchange 1:30, General Meeting 2:00
  • Welcome and Introductions
  • Review last minutes
  • Treasurer’s report


Upcoming events

Amy Kline – March 19 (Su) and 20 (M)
Annie Chrietzberg —Early Sept 2017


Items to Vote On

Proposal for giving Board Members Show Booths
Scholarship fund board representative


Board Reports

Conference call option for board meetings
Calendar for 2017


Dissemination of Information Chairs:

Newsletter:   Sally Pursell (ex. 12/17). Next newsletter Feb 2017.  Need trainee.
Enews: Patricia Richie (ex. 12/19).  New chair.
Webmaster: Vicki Chamberlain (ex. 12/17) Operations Manual updated.  Need trainee.


Committee Chairs: Filled  open positions

Membership: Gwen Childs (ex. 12/19)Empty Bowls: Jackson – Kami Carlson. (ex. 12/19)
Josephine –  Roxianne Hunnicutt & Christine Wood (Ex. 12/19)
Points: Debbie Thompson (ex. 12/17) Need trainee.
Workshops: Clara Lanya and Carole Hayne (ex. 12/17)
Scholarship: Besty Moore. (ex. 12/19)
Program Chair: Need chair(12/19)
Library:  Marydee Bombick (ex. 12/19) Need trainee.
Photo Booth: Christine Wood (ex. 12/16).  Need chair.
Show: Shirley Huff (ex. 12/17) Trainees: Dan Mindard and Mickael Mann

Proposal: Clayfolk Board members get a space in the annual Clayfolk Show & Sale


  • Few members apply/volunteer to serve as Board members
  • Filling Board positions is difficult
  • Incentivize members to fill Board positions
  • Encourage continued membership and skills contributions from newer members (Show participation)
  • Full booths to officers, ½ booths to at-large Board members


  • Current point system encourages participation in committees,
  • Point policy is intended to encourage members to: serve as Board appointed chair, attend general meetings, be a show committee chair, be a Board member, actively participate
  • Proposal would make point system unequal and unfair-less disruptive options possible
  • The Board needs members that care about Clayfolk, not just getting into the Show
  • Clayfolk is about education and other community services, not just the Show

Other points to ponder:

  • Filled Board positions are necessary for the Show and Clayfolk to function
  • Some show chairs get points and money for their show work,
  • Members generally have to be asked to volunteer to be on the board; they don’t volunteer out right
  • <proposal>Gives new members a chance to learn about the workings of the organization and be in the show.