My husband’s job brought us to the Rogue Valley in the mid 70’s from Portland. Fresh out of art school I still had much to learn about the pottery world and making a living from clay. In Portland I had been working at a group pottery studio and I missed my pottery friends terribly along with the many places to sell finished work. As I set up my studio and met other clay artists I kept thinking that there was potential for a clay community. So a couple of us planned a potluck meeting where we invited all the clay artists we knew, just to see if we could get something going. From that small beginning Clayfolk was born, with the only requirement for membership being an interest in clay.

Forty years later, it is wonderful that Clayfolk continues to be a place where clay artists can get together to share ideas, knowledge, and great potlucks. The annual Clayfolk Show features an impressive variety of work in clay that always confirms for me what an amazing group we are and how wonderful it is to live in a community that appreciates and supports the ceramic arts.


Photo:  Bonnie in 2008 from Mail Tribune article.

2015Clayfolk_fbDetails about the 40th Annual Clayfolk Show & Sale.

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